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First Delivery in Australia

29 March 2021 Acacia Environmental Management were handed the keys to their Multihog CX 75

Sophie & Matt from Acacia pictured above with Queenie & Luke Wiseman - Triking Pty Ltd.

“We are extremely excited to launch Multihog here in Australia” says Luke Wiseman, director of Triking Pty Ltd. Having worked closely with Multihog in Ireland to establish this relationship, we are very proud to be the Australian Multihog Dealer and today we delivered the first Multihog to Acacia Environmental Management in Melbourne.

This Multihog CX 75 with a Heatweed Sensor 2.0 chemical free weed solution is guaranteed to turn heads as there’s nothing like it on the market here in Australia. Triking will provide full support to Acacia to ensure a smooth integration of this new Multihog into their fleet.

Multihog specialises in multi-purpose machines with a range covering 75hp – 120ph and with a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg. We have a dedicated street sweeper with the best suction specs on the market for a footpath unit. The focus for Multihog, and standard across the range, is operator’s comfort. Most applications are front mounted and the cabin features air seat, clear view of operations and joystick controls for the hydraulics. This allows for precise operations and minimises driver fatigue.

All Multihog machines are articulated with some of the best manoeuvrability available on the market and combined with hydrostatic drive and high-volume hydraulics, these multi-purposed machines will support the most unique applications. We focus on providing customised future-proof solutions to our customers.

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