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One Machine. One Operator. Endless Applications

Facilities Management

Disinfectant Sprayer

Perfect for sanitising public spaces including sidewalks, paths as well as handrails, bus shelters, and trolleys

Rotary Mower

Heavy duty, gear-driven mower ideal for cutting large areas of grass.

Citycleaner Disinfector

Ideal for multipurpose disinfection & city maintenance, particularly chemical-free weed control, chewing-gum removal, graffiti removal, pavement and drain cleaning

Salt Spreader

Made with a high proportion of stainless steel, out salt spreaders are build for longer life and lower maintenance costs

Thermal Weed Control

Environmentally friendly and efficient method of removing weeds & unwanted growth

High Volume Sweeper

The high volume sweeper has multiple brush attachment options and an optional dusk tank to assist wth dust reduction

Cityvac Sweeper

 Ideal for urban and city cleaning, street sanitation and general sweeping duties

Line Remover

Ideal for use in municipalities, airports, and highways for removing line markings

Flail Arm Mower

 The flail arm mower can be operated on both the left and right side, with various mower head sizes and accessories including weed brush, tunnel washer and sign washer

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